Boomerang Throwing Instructions

Welcome to I Love Boomerangs.
Before you start throwing your boomerang, we want to give you some tips on use
and safety,
to help you to fully enjoy this exciting game.

Throwing boomerangs and getting it to return to you takes practice and experience.

It’s just like learning any other new sport and it does take time and practice to get
it down right.

Let’s go!

Keep in mind these 3 things: the field (open space) the wind and the boomerang.

Boomerang field – Space
You need a large, open space with soft ground (grass or sand, no hard ground as asphalt or stone) for throwing; free of trees, buildings, cars, people, and anything else your Boomerang could hit or get stuck in. We recommend an open area at least the size of a football field of open space in each direction.

The wind
Never throw your boomerang in windy or gusty conditions, especially while you are trying to learn how to throw. A still, mild wind is ideal.
Determine wind direction and throw 40-60 degrees off the wind. Right handed boomerang: throw right of the wind. Left handed boomerang: throw left of the wind.
If the boomerang lands in front of you, throw more into the wind.
If it lands behind you, throw more off the wind. You have to check wind direction prior to each throw.

The boomerang.
The key to well throwing a boomerang is the grip and the spin (rotation).
The bottom of the boomerang (unpainted or less painted side) should be against your palm. The top (deco and painted side) against your thumb. Remember, spin is more critical than a hard or forceful throw. Your grip should allow the boomerang to begin to spin (rotate) as it leaves your hand. Use what works best for you

The throwing motion is similar to throwing a football. Let the boomerang fly out of your hand. Do not try to initiate the turn of the boomerang with your throw; it will turn itself. Pick a point in the distance that is the correct angle off the wind and throw. More spin, and snap… less muscle!

Throw no more than 45 degrees from vertical. Too laid over (sidearm) and the boomerang will climb too high and slide back towards the ground!! Proper layover will create a lower, more controlled flight. Not enough layover makes the boomerang fly just straight ahead.

Never throw your boomerang as a frisbee! It means never ever throw it side-arm. It will climb straight up in the air, then swoop back down and hit you or the ground and break in half! 

Never attempt to catch a boomerang until you are familiar with its flight path.
If the boomerang is coming in fast towards you, do not attempt a catch! Only go for the catch when the boomerang is hovering in softly towards you.
Use good judgment when deciding when you should attempt a catch.
To catch the boomerang, do it as a sandwich,
with the two hands, never try to take the boomerang
with one hand or you can hurt.
Wear gloves if necessary.
When you have more practice you can try new ways
of catching your boomerang, but don’t risk.

Finally, Here you have the most common problems throwing boomerangs.

The boomerang comes back but stays a few meters ahead of you.
Throw more into the wind

The boomerang comes back but lands a few meters behind you.
Throw more off the wind

The boomerang goes straight ahead and doesn’t come back at any time.
Check that you have thrown the boomerang in the right direction, that you have taken it by the top side, and that you give it the right layover.

We hope these tips will help you to enjoy your boomerang.

Safety tips:

*A boomerang is a sports object, not a weapon. Remember that a boomerang can cause damage if it hits you or somebody else.
*Never throw a boomerang at or to someone.
*Only one boomerang should be thrown at a time. Make sure that anyone else standing around is at least 50 yards away in all directions and that they are paying attention while you are throwing
*Protective Eyewear and gloves should be worn when throwing or catching boomerangs.
*Never catch your Boomerang at eye-level. Always wait until the Boomerang is below shoulder height before attempting to catch.
*Never throw your Boomerang laid out flat like a frisbee (side-arm). The Boomerang should always be held nearly vertical on release to avoid dangerous diving and swooping flights.
*If you are just learning to throw, don’t throw too hard at first. For most Boomerangs, a half-powered throw is usually enough to get the boomerang to return
The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damage caused under any circumstances